Corporate Case Study

One of our resellers needed assistance from JLC Distribution for one of their large corporate clients. The company were modernising their equipment across all their stores and needed a wide variety of products for each department.

By carefully listening to the customers’ strict budget, timescale and business constraints, one of our account managers was able to provide a tailored quote with a comprehensive range of products for the end user to select. Due to the nature of this organisation, we provided a variety of in-catalogue and off-catalogue items to ensure they could source all their requirements in once place.

Once the customer had selected their items and the resellers purchase order has been placed, we were able to deliver all the products direct to the customer (across multiple locations) within the required timescale. We provided branded and multi-functional protective casing for the warehouse team, ensuring they could always carry their devices on and off site. The shop floor employees were provided with lanyards, kiosks, key fob enclosures and anti-blue screen protectors to assist with their daily tasks.

The clients were also in the process of expanding their call centre team, so we supplied them with equipment such as headsets, chairs and charging trolleys ensuring that everything was in place before the new employees enrolled.

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