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Public Sector

Public Sectors are under ongoing pressure to save costs whilst still providing a high level of service. At JLC Distribution we understand these challenges and try to tailor all our quotes to meet our customers needs.

With growing use of technology from mobile phones to tablets, these can be costly investments, which makes protective casing increasingly important.

We have worked with the Public Sector for many years and understand the daily issues around budgets and time constraints. Because we understand these changing demands, we know how to design tailored solutions which resolve the challenges that each area encounters.

Sectors We Work With

Our experienced public sector team have developed in-depth knowledge of what the public sector requires and uses that experience to customise packages to suit any requirement or environment. We can provide OEM or cost-effective cases, accessories and parts to ensure all funding thresholds are met.

Local Government

Central Government


Local Authorities

Armed Forces and Defence (MOD)


Emergency Services

Law Enforcement

Waste Management

Social Care


Transport Services


Quality & Affordable Products & Solutions

We offer an extensive and affordable product range to fit with your needs and budgets.

We also offer additional services including personalised branding and product packages, so you can have the confidence that we have all your needs in hand.


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